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My stage coaching is a mixture of video exchange on WhatsApp, Skype calls and an in-person session at the show. I have an extensive library made over the years of recorded videos and photos of some of my best clients, including World Champions and other Pro Champions, demonstrating the posing and transitions I developed; I will send you material to practice from and record yourself for check-ins, then we go through a process of feedback, check-ins and Skype calls to pick out the poses that work best for you and a style of movement and transitioning that will bring out your personality and get the judges’ attention. 


I am the WBFF’s only Official Posing Coach and have been nominated 4 times as the WBFF’s overall coach of the year - the only posing coach to have been nominated 4 times.


From my experience judging, running and photographing many shows and working every day with Paul and Allison Dillett for more than 8 years, I know which specific points of your time on stage are most important and when the judges are really going to be making their decisions; the walk to the stage and the comparison round posing (when you will be going through quarter turns in a line of competitors) are vitally important.


We will go through your walk, the comparison round posing and then build your posing routine, continually making improvements and building in some tricks to give you an advantage - it's a method that has led to a great deal of success throughout the last few years with my clients winning 61 Pro titles and averaging over 30 new Pro cards a year. Everything is tailored to your own personality and physique, it's not a stock set of poses that have worked for one person that they then force onto you, we will play to your strengths to present you in the best way possible to get you the best placing.


With the online method I have successfully worked with clients from all over the world, in any timezone.


Some of my well-known clients include; Rachel Dillon (3x Bikini World Champion), Lauren Simpson (European and Bikini World Champion), Stephanie Ayala (4x and reigning Fitness World Champion, LA champion), Alicia Gowans (3x World Fitness 35+ champion and LA and North American Champion) Hattie Boydle ( LA and World Fitness Champion), Libby Powell (reigning Australian Bikini Champion), Wole Adesemoye (3x LA Champion and 3x and reigning World Muscle Model Champion), Williams Falade (3x Male Fitness Model World Champion), Jean-Jaques Barrett (LA and reigning North American Male Fitness Model Champion), Asha Coulthard (LA and 2x World Figure Champion), Simone Bestagno (European and North American Muscle Model Champion), Lauren Kenealy (European Fitness Champion), Ashleigh Frost (LA Bikini Champion), Jess Coates ( Australian Bikini champion), Cristi Miranda (North American and World Bikini Champion), Aftan Noon (North American Fitness Champion), Jaco de Bruyn, Karina Fiorentini and many others.

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