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I am very experienced in all aspects of fitness photography and videography, from first-time transformation shoots with first-time clients to attention-grabbing portraits for some of the biggest names in fitness or producing content for gyms or fitness brands. 


Whatever stage you're documenting in your fitness journey or whatever kind of content you are after, drop me an email or fill out the form below and I will be in touch to discuss your exact needs and how best to meet them.

Also check out my instructional videos at:

Shoot availability

I am based in Dubai year round and currently have the following trips scheduled for photoshoots in 2024:

Milan, Italy: March 11-17

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney: April 16-30

Dallas: July 11-16

London: August 14-21

Las Vegas: August

LA: September 11-18

Gold Coast: October 16-21

Mexico: November 13-19

Inquire for rates and availability

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