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For the first time, WBFF Worlds contestants will receive stage photos from two photographers! 


WBFF Official Photographers Toby Harrison and Dennis Cruz will both be shooting you on stage - giving you hundreds of photos, from different angles and in different styles, making sure you receive a huge amount of content from your time in the most spectacular fitness event the world will have ever seen.


The stage photos offer perfect social media material, will be used to promote future WBFF events and are the perfect tool to identify any areas for improvement.


The package will cover photos of all of your appearances on stage (Friday and Saturday for amateurs and both Saturday morning and evening for Pros) and both your swimwear and eveningwear outfits.


You will receive Dropbox folders of high resolutions JPEGs within two weeks of the show.

WBFF Worlds Bahamas 2019 Official Stage Photography